Gro-Fleece non-woven crop covers

Gro-Fleece non-wovens offer a wealth of specialist features:

  • Lightweight, gently protecting without crushing delicate shoots and new growth
  • UV stabilised structure to withstand UV degradation throughout the season
  • High translucence with excellent air and moisture permeability
  • Protection against light frosts whilst raising soil temperature by several degrees
  • Bird and game damage to the crop can be dramatically reduced

Save time in the field with Gromax specialist narrow Gro-Fleece, using high filament technology for extra strength in both machine and cross direction. Contact Gromax to find out more about the “easy lay, easy lift” system.

Available products in this range are:

  • Gro-Fleece Standard
  • Gro-Fleece 1823 Ultimate
  • Gro-Fleece 1924 Ultimate
  • Gro-Fleece 23g/m2
  • Gro-Fleece 30g/m2
  • Gro-Fleece Re-inforced Edge

Specialist production runs are available on request.

Successful growers refuse to compromise on quality. The Gromax range meets their most rigorous demands.