b'GRO-TEX Gro-Tex105Gro-Tex 105 ground cover targets 7-year UV stability in normal Northern European conditions, with excellent weed suppression and water permeability.Specialistfeatures: IDEAL FOR: Standard Sizes1.05m x 50mDistinctive green grid marker to aidOutdoor growing areas,1.05m x 100mpositioning of pots and plants. polytunnels, glasshouses and 1.40m x 100mEasy installation and maintenance. on benches. 1.65m x 100mRe-usable over many seasons. Production of bedding and 2.10m x 50m pot plants. 2.10m x 100mCan resist machine and pedestrian traffic. 3.30m x 50m* Production of soft and top fruit.Engineered with resistance in mind3.30m x 100m* Capillary , sand and gravel beds. 4.20m x 50m*for machine and pedestrian traffic. Organic growing systems. 4.20m x 100m*5.25m x 50m*5.25m x 100m** Centre folded presentation available.Bespoke sizes available on request.10 01473 657 555|SALES@GROMAX.CO.UK|@GROMAXINDLTD|GROMAX.CO.UK'