b'Gro-Thermhighblend polymerGRO-THERMGromax highblend polymer is used in the design of Gro-Therm to produce this clear, perforated film, warming up the growing environment to speed up the development of healthy and superior crops. Gro-Therm has a specialist perforatedThe strong material and wide pattern for maximum strength,anchorage borders ensure that the creating consistent growingcovers remain securely in place for as conditions across the entire crop tolong as the plants need protection. ensure that all plants achieve the same fast growth rate. Perforated transparent Available in a variety of widths upfilm for noticeably to 14 metres, Gro-Therm is easily and quickly laid by hand or by usingbetter results .standard film laying machinery. Gro-Thermsizes+ bespoke sizes available2.10m x 700m 12.00m x 1000m6 01473 657 555|SALES@GROMAX.CO.UK|@GROMAXINDLTD|GROMAX.CO.UK'