b'GRO-CLEAN Gro-CleanThis strong and highly durableGro-CleanStrawberry Filmmulching film blocks weeds and With added strengths and enhanced UV protection, prevents soil from coming intothis specialist 3 season film is the choice for growers direct contact with fruit and around the world.green vegetables.Gro-CleanTitanThis product raises the value of yourAdvanced polymer technology allows for the highest crop. It means weed-free growing,strengths from thinner films helping to reduce after crop costs.less time-consuming harvests as wellSizes: 1.4m x 600m and 2.1m x 700m + bespoke sizesas enhanced appearance of produce.Gro-CleanGlasshouse FilmFeatures:Minimum 81% reflection Standard 80 Kly UV stability (12 months inWest-Europe) longer lifetime on request Deep white colouringSizes:Thickness: 50mu100mu Widths from: 230cm up to 1000cmStandard lengths: 200m and 300m.Bespoke lengths available on request.12 01473 657 555|SALES@GROMAX.CO.UK|@GROMAXINDLTD|GROMAX.CO.UK'