b'Gro-NetGRO-NETThermal Tex Developed to bridge the gap between Gromax Gro-Fleecenon-wovens and GromaxGro-Therm perforated polyethylenes, Gro-Net Thermal Tex Clear has been the choice for some growers on specific projects.Specialistfeatures:Exceptionally strong tear-resistant38g material.Wind-resistant structure allowing for good airflow whilst dramatically reducing wind damage issues during difficult weather.Helping to reduce rain splash during heavy rain fall along with hail protection properties compared to uncovered crops.Helping to protect against rabbits, pigeons and other vermin.Roll sizes2.00m x 250m4.00m x 250m6.00m x 250m8.00m x 250m10.00m x 250m Gro-Net Thermal 12.00m x 250m Texhelps to 16.00m x 250m32.00m x 250m protect against + bespoke sizes rabbits, pigeons and other vermin.01473 657 555|SALES@GROMAX.CO.UK|@GROMAXINDLTD|GROMAX.CO.UK 7'