b'Gro-FleeceProductsGRO-FLEECEGro-FleeceNon-Woven Gro-FleeceStandardSpecialist Features: Gro-FleeceRe-enforced EdgeLightweight, gently protecting withoutcrushing delicate shoots and new growth. Gro-FleeceUltimateUV stabilised structure to withstand UV degradation throughout the season. Gro-Fleece19g/m 2High translucence with excellent air andmoisture permeability. Gro-Fleece23g/m 2Protection against light frosts whilst raisingsoil temperature by several degrees. Gro-Fleece30g/m 2Bird and game damage to the crop can be dramatically reduced.Specialist production runs availableon request.Gro-Fleece offers high levels of strength and durability for a lightweight fabric4 01473 657 555|SALES@GROMAX.CO.UK|@GROMAXINDLTD|GROMAX.CO.UK'